Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dr. Ruth's Vin D'Amour

Chateau Diana Winery has partnered with legendary sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer to produce Dr. Ruth's

Vin d'Amour, a low alcohol wine. The new label will consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and White
Zinfandel selections.
The new wine is in line with Dr. Ruth's philosophy of having a glass of wine before intimate moments. "My

 philosophy has always been for couples to enjoy a glass of wine before things get intimate. Wine is a perfect

way for couples to relax provided that like anything else, they do not overindulge. "Wine aids in arousing

couples but drinking too much leads to other things - such as a man losing his ability to perform or a woman
falling asleep before the moment," Dr. Ruth said. She added, "we chose to work with Chateau Diana Winery

because they have been a pioneer in the development and marketing of low alcohol wines for more than 25

years." Owners Corey and Dawn Manning point out "the winery's specialty is producing wines with 6%

alcohol which is different from other low alcohol  wines." Dr. Ruth personally selected the varietals
used for her label. Manning adds, "the quality and consistency consumers will find across all of the Dr. Ruth's

Vin d'Amour offerings  is because we are experienced in reducing the alcohol without removing the flavor."
Dr. Ruth's Vin d'Amour will be available nationally beginning in July 2012 and will retail for $7.99 at wine

and spirit retailers and through  the Chateau Diana Winery Tasting Room, or contact

707-433-6993 for ship direct orders.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blending Makes a Better Wine

Chateau Diana Winemaker

Dawne Sacchetti

Early in 2003, Dawne Sacchetti became Chateau Diana’s Winemaker.

During her life she has been traveling in different countries and sailing across an ocean. Her voyages leading her to Chateau Diana taught her many things, but most importantly, it opened her eyes to the appreciation of wine. She eventually settled in the town of Sonoma, California working in the lab at Buena Vista Winery. With her interest in wine budding, she started taking enology and viticulture classes at night. Dawne left Buena Vista to take a position at Cline Cellars as Enologist, eventually becoming Assistant Winemaker. This job allowed her to work closely with Winemaker Matt Cline for five years, developing the hands-on approach to winemaking that still influences her at Chateau Diana today.

Chateau Diana, a family owned winery, was growing and Dawne relished the opportunity to begin new and exciting projects and jumped right in. Dawne jokes that the only reason she accepted the job was because of the beautiful new laboratory attached to her office. She is currently creatively involved with new and existing brand development, determination and fine-tuning of wine profiles, along with the daily operation of Chateau Diana’s winery.

Dawne approaches wine making with the logic of a scientist and the curiosity of an adventurer. Her philosophy toward wine making is simple: Blending makes a better wine! 100% of anything is a potential limitation.

Her approach to wine is similar to her approach to daily life: 
“It’s really all about balance, isn’t it?”

- Dawne Sacchetti, Winemaker Chateau Diana

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chateau Diana Tasting Room

Welcome to Chateau Diana Winery

Welcome to Chateau Diana’s new blog! We are excited to have additional ways to connect with you and share all of what is happening here at Chateau Diana. We would love to hear directly from you – our valued customers and wine enthusiasts. You can follow us on Chateau Diana TwitterFacebook or Google Plus to learn more and ask questions about upcoming events and our wines.

Chateau Diana Tasting Room
Chateau Diana Tasting Room
Chateau Diana has been family-owned and operated by us, the Manning Family, for over 30 years. We maintain a hands-on approach during the entire wine-making process and are committed to providing excellent wines that offer a great value to you.

Chateau Diana is the home to a diverse selection of both table and premium wines. These wines are available under the brand names of Chateau Diana, Black Oak, LeBaron Ranch and 1221. Take a look at our website to learn more about our wines.

Chateau Diana Winery and tasting room rests along Dry Creek road amidst one of the premier growing regions of California – in the picturesque and beautiful valley of Dry Creek Valley, located in Healdsburg, CA. Pictures of our new tasting room are available on Flickr

Stop by our wine tasting room on any weekend. The address is 6195 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Go to our website to email for more information Chateau Diana or call us at (707) 433-6992